BoxC + XCover delivers
Total Shipping Protection

The friction-free logistics insurance you've been waiting for is now available in your BoxC account. You’ll be protected for the full value of lost, damaged or stolen goods up to $10,000 and XCover’s fast, simple claims processing means you won’t be left waiting if something does go wrong.

What is included in BoxC's Total Shipping Protection?

Total Shipping Protection provides peace of mind insurance coverage. The first $30 of the item value is covered free of charge for loss, damage and theft. Beyond that, item values up to $10,000 are insured for damage, loss or theft, with zero deductible when you make a claim. Return shipping and reshipping costs are also reimbursed.

The XCover team are licensed claims adjusters and their award-winning platform uses data science and advanced tracking technology to automate approvals and issue payments, on average within 24 hours.

Carriers typically only provide a small amount of coverage free with each shipment, with claim value determined by the declared value only (i.e. input/wholesale costs) while the claims and reimbursement process takes 28+ days.

Reshipping & return shipping reimbursement
Independent determination (i.e. no carrier approval req’d)
Damaged, loss and theft of goods up to $10,000 (first $30 covered free)
No wait period
Instant payouts

Who is the insurer and who is

XCover’s parent company Cover Genius is an insurance technology firm that has won multiple awards within the retail and insurance industries for it’s claims handling technology.

It was ranked #1 in the Financial Times’ list of the fastest growing companies and counts eBay and Wayfair as partners.

This insurance is arranged by and underwritten by Starr Indemnity & Liability Company or Berkley Insurance Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to Total Shipping Protection?

You can change your Total Shipping Protection settings in your BoxC account. Once opted in, XCover Protection is automatically applied to all shipments.

What's the price of BoxC total shipping protection?

For item values below US$30, your shipment is automatically protected free of charge. For shipments valued above US$30, the cost of Total Shipping Protection is set as a percent of the total order value, plus shipping cost. The fee is calculated per shipment and is returned in your quote from BoxC and it’s also displayed when you sign up to the program.

Rates are shown in the Total Shipping Protection policy wording, available when you create or edit a shipment or when you set up Total Shipping Protection.

How do I make a claim?

It’s quick and hassle-free to make a claim. You can submit a claim via your BoxC account or visit and you’ll be guided through the submission process. It’ll be picked up by our friendly claims team who aim to complete 95% of claims within 3 days. Keep an eye on your emails for further instructions once you’ve lodged your claim.

What is included and excluded in BoxC Total Shipping Protection?

Total Shipping Protection covers the full item value / sale price or of your parcels for damage, loss or theft during transit up to $10,000. Total Shipping Protection also covers return shipping costs for damaged parcels and re-shipping costs for damaged, lost or stolen parcels. To find out what you are and are not covered for in more detail, you can log in to your XCover Account and check your policy wording.

Total Shipping Protection doesn’t cover your goods once they arrive at their destination. For example, If your parcel is delivered successfully and is subsequently lost, damaged or stolen, it isn’t protected. Protection doesn’t extend to goods that are damaged before shipment and any duties or taxes applied to the cost of return shipping or re-shipping stolen, lost or damaged parcels are also not covered. Depending on your protection, certain goods are also excluded. To find out what you are and are not covered for in more detail, you can log in to your XCover Account and check your policy wording.

Depending on your protection, certain items are also excluded. To find out what you are and are not covered for in more detail, you can log in to your XCover Account and check your policy wording.

What items can't be insured?

You’re not covered:

  1. If your goods are damaged prior to the commencement of the transit of the parcel.
  2. If your goods are lost, damaged or stolen after they have been delivered to the delivery address, including where the recipient has given an authority to leave the parcel unattended.
  3. For costs resulting from the goods being ineligible for shipping according to the terms and conditions.
  4. For claims when your parcel is lost because an incorrect address has been entered for the intended recipient.
  5. For claims caused by the parcel(s) being delayed.
  6. For any of the following: Antiques, artwork and jewelry; arms, ammunition, military equipment and any similar goods which should properly be subject to the Export Control Order 2008; automobiles and motorcycles; bonds, deeds, manuscripts, securities and plans; bullion, cash and credit cards; perishable foodstuffs and other temperature sensitive goods.